Apple aura Octopus talisman necklace~
Apple aura Octopus talisman necklace~
Apple aura Octopus talisman necklace~
Apple aura Octopus talisman necklace~
Apple aura Octopus talisman necklace~
Paletree Arcana

Apple aura Octopus talisman necklace~

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A raw piece apple aura adorned with a sweet little octopus casting bound with molten metals of sterling silver,tin and copper then darkened to a somber grey through oxidation to give it an antiqued ancient look then polished and sealed with jewelry wax and finally lacquered to seal and protect the patina.
Suspended from a doubled gunmetal chain with and accented with handdone black moonstone bead work and features a lobster necklace clasp.

May you find the hidden magick of everyday life ~
100 % built of hands and heart.


Apple Aura Quartz is a beautiful bright green irridesant color... but this color is not natural. It is the result of a specific treatment process, where the crystals are heated... and fine vaporized 24 carat gold is bonded to the stone's surface.

Although this is created by a completely unnatural process that permanently changes these crystals, it actually has a positive effect on the stone.

These quartz crystals have very powerful metaphysical properties, and this is partly due to the fact that they are quartz crystals. But it also relates to the layer of fine gold that covers the stone.

These crystals resonate strongly with a vibration that is powerful to aid communication and psychic gifts. These lovely stones have a very high and quite intense energy, that activates all of the chakras.


Aqua Aura Quartz can assist one in plumbing one's emotional depths and heights while retaining inner peace. It can also be an aid to those who wish to become conscious channels for spiritual wisdom, clearing and opening the pathways of inter dimensional communication.

Aqua Aura Quartz has a very high and intense vibration. It has been used to activate the energy of other minerals and gemstones for healing work, and can be a potent stone when used in body layouts for activation of the Chakras. It can be success fully applied to smooth and heal the Auric field, and to release negativity from one's emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual bodies.

Wearing Aqua Aura Quartz is said to help one to shine with one's inner beauty, to attract wealth and success, to bring forth esoteric wisdom, to relieve depression & anxiety, and to assist in creating an aura of peace & well being in oneself and one's surroundings. It is a stone of spiritual elevation, which can serve to help raise the vibration of humanity.



All my pieces are made sound and sturdy but they are art,wearable art so please be careful and treat them with the love and care i put into making them for they are treasures indeed.

Please remove jewelry before physical activities, bathing, or sleeping.

This piece was made with love and good juju in my home studio.

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